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Overview:This system was designed for the purpose of polling students during class time. Polling students and presenting the data graphically (histogram) can verify learning and stimulate additional conversation when misconceptions are disclosed. The use of this polling system is not restricted to the classroom and could serve as an alternative for evaluations or elections.
  1. Selecting Set Cookie Registers you to vote. Registration is required to place a vote.
  2. Selecting Register Answer allows you to vote
  3. Selecting View produces a histogram of results.
What is a Poll?POLL, Public Opinion, technique for measuring the range of opinion held by the general public or by specifically limited groups of people. It developed during the 1920s. Opinion polls rely on certain statistical laws which show that small carefully chosen samples of any group can accurately represent the range of opinions of the whole group or population. The population in question, know as the "universe" many be a general one (all voters in the US) or a limited one (all car workers in US). Accuracy depends on the care with which the sample is constructed and on the size of the sample. Since 1944, all polls have adpoted the method of random selection pioneered by the US Census Bureau in which each member of the "universe" has an equal chance of being questioned. Pioneers in US public-opinion polling included George Gallup, Louis Harris and Elmo Roper
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