Help on Login
Log in:
  1. Enter your username and password then select the Login button to access the system.
  2. Guest Access is allowed for selected packages. Try following this link if you are not a registered WebTools user.
  3. Follow the Request Access for immediate access - automated requests of accounts may be restricted to UMC/VCSU Faculty or Staff member.
  4. If you forgot your password or username, we provide an option for immediate retrieval via an email announcement. In this case, a new password is generated because we feel it is important encrypt stored passwords so that no WebTools administrators can know your password.
  5. When successfully logging in, an identification cookie will be placed on your machine to help to manage access.
  6. After 24 hours of inactivity, upon exiting your Browser or when logging out, the cookie will be removed.
  7. Contact the WebTools administrator with any questions.
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